Our Services

We are a company dedicated to the international national refrigeration transport, storage, logistics, loading docks, collection throughout Spain and Europe. Fleet and own facilities, own gas oil pump, own loaders, own ship warehouse rental.

Partial and full loads

The great international recognition at European level has KRONOFRIO LOGISTICS, makes our management team daily orders processed fully charged throughout Europe establishing direct routes from door to door, from the sender to the recipient of the goods.

In keeping with our policy of providing the best level of service to our clients, successfully manage peak loads of our customers when the vehicles themselves are not enough to meet demand, transportation outsourcing to other companies with whom we have a close relationship.


Public storage service in multi client facilities, ideal for storage requirements on demand, variable costs according to use, flexible schedules and deadlines forced uncompromising.

In kronofrio Logistics, SL we have adequate facilities, systems secure and robust racks, material handling equipment such as forklifts, skids, scales, ramp, among many other advantages that allow us to be one of the best options for storage service in the city of Elche.

Itineraries and Routes

Today run a charging order with a time limit many times less than that normally required to complete delivery of goods, it is possible through our emergency service route. 

To do more than 50% of the trucks that make our vehicles are equipped with two drivers that guarantee door to door layout for this type of service.

We transport within the country and outside of it being our routes throughout Europe and internationally.


Order processing, inventory management, transportation, customer service, purchasing, warehousing, product planning, treatment of goods,
managing information.

“Given a level of customer service default, logistics will design and manage the flow of information and materials between customers and suppliers (distribution, supply, storage, and transportation) with the aim of having the right equipment, in the right place at the right amount and at the right time, at the lowest cost possible and as the default quality and service to offer to our customers. “

Other Services

Among others we also have loading docks, on linne personalized services, technical support, maintenance and storage of cargo, truck parking with power supply.

We have our own fleet tracking system with fleet through which the traffic department and our customers can know the position of the vehicle, temperature, etc. at all times.

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