Refrigerated transport & storage

The best service

We are a company specialized in transport by means of refrigerated trucks and storage of merchandise. We have a fleet of more than 53 refrigerated trucks that are constantly renewed, as well as a warehouse space of 2,500 meters in Elche for total or partial rental of the same. We offer control and inventory management, as well as being located in a strategic zone providing an ideal access regardless of the means of transport used.
Gestion de cargas completas y parciales

Partial and full loads

We successfully manage the peak load of our customers when their vehicles are not enough to cover the demand by subcontracting the transport to other trusted companies.

Un gran control en almacenaje


We have solid and safe racks systems, the best management equipment and a flexible storage system with a variable cost depending on the need of each client.

Nos encargamos del flujo de información entre proveedores y clientes


We take care of the flow of information between suppliers and customers with the aim of arranging the necessary material at the right time with the minimum cost.

5 great reasons

to choose Kronofrío

The best facilities

We have more than 2000 meters of storage with a system of solid and safe racks where your merchandise will be in the best conditions.

Our cargo handling team

We have the best cargo handling equipment (lifts, skids, scales) that will make the most of every minute you spend in our facilities.

A large fleet of vehicles

We have a fleet of more than 50 refrigerated trucks that are constantly renewed, never exceeding 3 years old.

Rapidez y efectividad

Our more than 20 years of experience make us recognized throughout Europe and establishing direct door-to-door tours in the shortest possible time.

Point-to-point logistics service

We take care of all the flow of information and materials between suppliers and customers maintaining a correct communication between both in the right place with the exact amount and the lowest cost.

Kronofrio is the best service
of storage and distribution throughout Europe:

New fleet

More than 50 refrigerated vehicles with less than 3 years old


Flow of information and merchandise in the right place and the shortest time.

Storage space

More than 2000m of storage with the best handling material


Our reputation in Europe allows us to leave the goods door to door at the lowest cost.

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